Bernie Sanders

The Top 10 Worst Tax Avoidance Corporations

Everybody knows multinational corporations are not paying U.S. taxes. Yet instead of making corporations cough up, our government is busy planning more screw jobs on the U.S. middle class and labor force, all under the guise of reducing spending.

Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to draw attention to the insanity with a top ten list of the worst corporate tax avoiders.


Friday Movie Night - Risky Business

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Tonight's Friday Movie Night is a little different and why it's being posted early. Senator Bryon Dorgan has come alive and getting involved in financial reform. This is great news for Dorgan predicted derivatives were a very serious problem 15 years ago (take that Taleb & Roubini!). First, below is Dorgan's call to action. Next is a talk on derivatives and financial reform by Dorgan. Finally is Senator Bernie Sander''s Too Big to Exist bill which breaks up the systemically risky institutions.

Considering we have financial lobbyists writing the House derivatives bill (exceptional piece by William Greider) and a complex maze of financial reform (where we are still digging through to find the loopholes exemptions), we call your attention to a refreshing breeze blowing down from common sense North Dakota.

Senator Bryon Dorgan is requesting you get involved in demanding common sense financial regulatory reform and reinstate Glass-Steagall (separate out FDIC insured banks from investment banks).

The Keys to the Kingdom - Congressman Peter DeFazio on the Bailout

It's a Bunch of B.S.

You heard it. He said it.  Representative Peter DeFazio called Treasury Secretary Paulson's Bail Out Bill a bunch of B.S.....


The Reaction?    Damn straight Congressman DeFazio!

If only we had more of you to represent us!

Anyone not familiar with Congress Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon, you should be.  This is one guy who cannot be bought and speaks some obvious truth and votes accordingly!  Pander?   Not this guy and he sure as hell isn't pandering in this speech.