GM Hummer Division to be Sold to Chinese Defense Contractor?

GM is talks with a Chinese firm to sell off its Humvee division with financing from a private equity firm.

A Chinese company is said to be in advanced talks with General motors over the $100million (£69.4million) takeover of Hummer - the fuel-thirsty, four-wheel-drive vehicle modelled on the US military's Humvee.

News of the unnamed bidder's interest came days after it emerged that another big Western carmaker, Volvo, may be sold to the Chinese.

Ford is in talks to sell Volvo to Chinese tycoon Li Shufu's Geely carmaking business. insiders say a private-equity firm is also involved in the proposed Hummer deal but would not reveal its identity.

The buyer is likely Dongfeng Motor Company, a Chinese defense contractor.