Safeway Skewered for Throwing 6,000 Workers Under the Bus in Video Parody

Safeway closed a whopping 72 Dominick's grocery stores resulting in 6,000 jobs lost.  They acquired Dominck's grocery chain, engaged a hedge fund, hyped up the stock price and then promptly shuttered the Illinois neighborhood grocery.  The excuse is these Dominick's grocery stores serve low profit margin geographical locations.  In other words, Safeway doesn't want to offer grocery access to poor people.

Planes & Body Counts - A Rant on the Executive Class

This is war. Class war. Class warfare. Let's just call it what it is, for some reason the minute any person gets the title executive they somehow have entered some global boys club, thinking they can just rob the nation, their share holders and especially their employees blind...and it simply has to stop!


just plane despicable

The New York Post calls it: Just Plane Despicable

Citigroup buys a Corporate Jet! It's not even American made, it's French!

Gather says it best:

Detroit Bailout

One topic no one mentions in the Detroit Bailout controversy is all the offshoring that has been, and still continues, in the auto industry.  GM just announced new plants in Brazil, Russia and India, coinciding with plant closings in America.
Guess where the bailout money will go?



General Motors to invest $1 bn in Brazil plant

Wed, Nov 19 11:49 AM

Friday Movie Night - Roger & Me

hot buttered popcorn It's Friday Night! Party Time!   Time to relax, put your feet up on the couch, lay back, and watch some detailed videos on economic policy!


Roger & Me

GM, along with Ford and Chrysler are now asking for $25 Billion dollars. We are hearing devastating reports of 3 million jobs lost, 4% decline in US GDP, in other words a tail spin cocktail for a bad economy, if GM or the US automakers were allowed to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


With the Auto Bail Out theme, I thought it appropriate to show Michael Moore's famous documentary Roger & Me.


Google video has the entire documentary online to watch. (click the link). Note, you can watch this full screen.

If you have not seen this it's a treat and if you have, notice some of the same similarities. Pets or Meat!