GM Layoffs will Boost Unemployment Through the Roof

I just has a truly frightening experience. During a conversation about the auto industry one of my colleagues who researches the auto industry told me that according to his calculations, the GM shutdown is going to send 250,000 off the job in Ohio.

This includes only the multiplier effect at auto suppliers, not any macro economic effect. For example, job losses at retail stores resulting from drops in spending are not included, nor are any further drops from other problems.

As it stands now Ohio unemployment stands at 9.7%.

Overall, the Ohio labor force stands at 5.95 million.

Currently, 578,000 are out of work, up from 409,000 in October of 2008.

Adding another 250,000 to those out of work, bumps the total number of unemployed to 838,000.

Divide this number by the labor force, and you get an unemployment rate of 13.9%, a 44% increase over the present rate.