The Final Word on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

In a recent column by Glenn Greenwald at salon.com, titled, Mike McConnell, the WashPost & the dangers of sleazy corporatism, Glenn explains the seamless movement between the overt American intelligence establishment, and the covert American intelligence establishment which I have come to refer to as the Financial-Intelligence Complex.

The Global Agenda: Privatizing the Planet -- Part Deux

SDRs, PPPs, the IMF, UN and World Bank

In the first installment of The Global Agenda: Privatizing the Planet, I attempted to establish the suggestion of the underlying foundation and causation for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), that being debt financing, which propagates debt trading, debt swaps and various and sundry securitizations and securitized financial instruments.

Within this post, I shall attempt to establish the connection between the IMF's Special Drawing Rights (SDR), the creation of debt and those private-public partnerships as debt-affiliated vehicles which are a major force in the privatization of everything.

Admittedly, these connections may appear tenuous to some, but it is definite food for thought.

Exhibit 1

From an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report, dated March of 2006:

63. Public/ private partnerships (PPPs) are currently not covered in statistical guidelines. At the January/February 2006 meeting, the AEG agreed that the PPPs are sufficiently important to be described in the revised SNA. It also agreed that a list of indicators would be useful to help determine the economic owner of the fixed assets associated with a PPP but that it was necessary to examine arrangements on a case-by-case basis. An annex on PPP will be included in the SNA, with an understanding to keep abreast of developments in international accounting standards.[1]

Exhibit 2

A Brief History of Securitization


Shadow Bankers Gone Wild




Recently the New York Times published yet another article expressing surprise at the previous existence of securitized financial instruments prior to the last several decades. Securitized financial instruments, or actually securitization, has been around for at least several centuries, and whenever it becomes widely used a Great Depression, or economic meltdown, ensues.

This is the foundation for that bandied about term, “shadow banking.” Without securitization, there would be no such capability. With securitization, the process for creating debt-financed billionaires and multi-millionaires reaches critical mass.

Unfortunately, so to does the dramatic increase in unemployment and poverty.

Those so-called “experts” or “pundits” who continue misleading the populace with extravagant claims as to the recent origins of the securitization process have done a major disservice to society. This brief blog will attempt to rectify this situation.