Greenspan Says Flooding the US labor market with Foreign Labor will Solve the Housing Crisis


The number of new households in the U.S. is increasing at a rate of about 800,000 a year, of which about a third are immigrants. Perhaps 150,000 of those are loosely classified as skilled. A double or tripling of this number would markedly accelerate the absorption of unsold housing inventory for sale — and hence help stabilize prices


Lovely how it never seems to pass Greenspan's mind of the millions of US citizens being foreclosed on, declaring bankruptcy and maybe if they had stable jobs
and pay increases, that could solve the housing crisis!

Greenspan has long had the agenda to lower US workers, target the best paying jobs in the America, their wages.

Greenspan: "Once in a century" financial crisis

In an exclusive interview with CNBC, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said:

... the U.S. housing market is “nowhere near the bottom” and that the U.S. economy is “right on the brink” of slipping into a recession. But he told CNBC the latest economic data don’t yet indicate that a recession is inevitable.