"Innovation Employment Act" - Giffords-D-AZ - would double H-1b

From Kim Berry, President, Programmer's Guild:

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Thanks Ron Hira for spot-on rebuke of the "worker protections."

Note Giffords' sleight-of-hand in this paragraph - the bill does NOTHING to limit H-1b use by "outsourcing companies" TCS, Infosys.

"The bill would prohibit companies from hiring H-1B workers, then outsourcing them to other companies, he said. H-1B opponents have complained that outsourcing companies are among the top users of H-1B visas."

Why are companies of less than 50 employees allowed to be 100% H-1b?

H-1B, F-4 alert!

NumbersUSA reports:

Speaker Pelosi Determined to Give Millions of U.S. Jobs to Foreign Workers?
Wednesday, Feb. 26 -- "Incredible as it may seem amidst talk of recessions, job cuts and stagnant wages, NumbersUSA's Capitol Hill Team finds reports and signs everywhere that House Speaker Pelosi is negotiating to give millions of U.S. jobs to foreign workers," NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said today.

BusinessWeek exposes how Industry really uses H-1b workers

Listening to Compete America one would think that H-1b workers are the "best and brightest" in the world, contributing to "U.S. global competiveness." But as the 1/31/08 BusinessWeek article "Are H-1B Workers Getting Bilked?" exposes, H-1b are being used by Indian consulting firms to bring in cheap labor, driving American consulting firms out of business, and displacing highly-skilled U.S. workers.

Flaws in University of Buffalo Spectrum's call for H-1b increase

The original article is here:


 This is an image of the front page where it run in the printed edition.


ARTICLE: "Companies are very welcoming to international students because they can pay them less money than the local workers, even if their ability is equal," said Ping Lu, a sophomore management major from China

FACT: Industry would dispute this, claiming that H-1b has a "prevailing wage" requirement. We thank Ping for setting the record straight: H-1b workers are often preferred because they are willing to work cheaper for the opportunity to stay in the USA - and the "prevailing wage" is a sham.

Chrysler fires Union, keep H-1b guest workers

UAW Fights Chrysler

Union leaders are also upset that Chrysler is employing foreign workers in Auburn Hills who were let into the country under immigration rules that allow companies to hire skilled foreigners for jobs that can't be filled with local workers.
"The only reason they're supposed to be here is to do work we can't perform," Hagler said.
Rich Harter, Local 412's second vice president and Unit 1 chairman, said he has begun the process of lodging a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.
He said more than 150 contractors are costing the company an estimated $150,000 each annually and there are 30 to 100 so-called H1B workers.
"This isn't right. We've got American workers getting laid off but they're keeping foreigners," he said. He argues it would be cheaper for the company to use UAW members.