home prices

New Home Sales Blow Through The Roof

The April 2016 New Residential Single Family Home Sales increased by an astounding 16.6% from March.  The monthly gain is also unusually outside the ±15.4% margin of error.  Monthly sales increased by 88,000 annualized units to 619,000 for the month.  This is the highest monthly percentage gain in 24 years and new home sales are now at an eight year high.  Sales were 545,000 a year ago.

Case-Shiller Shows Still Strong Annual Housing Price Gains

The February 2016 S&P Case Shiller home price index shows a seasonally adjusted 5.4% price increase from a year ago for the 20 metropolitan housing markets and a 4.6% yearly price increase in the top 10 housing markets.  Home prices are still climbing over double the rate of inflation, although this is a slower pace than last month.

New Home Sales Down -6.1% From a Year Ago

The February 2016 New Residential Single Family Home Sales increased by 2.0%.  Don't get too excited as the ±18.8% error margin is way larger than the actual monthly gain.  Monthly sales increased by 10,000 annualized units to 512,000 for the month.  Annual sales have contracted by -6.1%.  Sales were 545,000 a year ago.  The annual -6.1% sales change has a ±17.9% error margin.

New Home Sales Plunge -11.5% While Prices Soar

The September 2015 New Residential Single Family Home Sales plunged by -11.5%.  Sales dropped by 61,000 annualized units to 468,000 for the month.  August was significantly revised downward from 552 thousand to 529 thousand sales.  The plunge took annual growth from 21.6% as reported last month to only 2.0% growth from the 459,000 year ago sales levels.