Germany Guarantees All Bank Deposits

Germany guarantees Deposits.

Germany only guaranteed individuals and not business entity deposits, unlike Ireland and Greece.

Earlier, manfrommiddletown asks Did the Irish Just End Globalization? As he rightly predicted, Europeans flock to secure banks with their deposits.

Other banks in the U.K. and Europe also have seen noticeable outflows since Ireland's ground-breaking deposit guarantee was announced Tuesday, say people familiar with the matte

Even though the UK raised insurance last week, they are now under pressure to guarantee all deposits.

We Don't Need no Stinkin' Single Payer Health Care?

59% of all Companies Planning on Dumping Health Costs onto Workers in 2009

Only in America. Literally!    A new survey says:

Fifty-nine percent of companies intend to keep down rising health-care costs in 2009 by raising workers' deductibles, copays or out-of-pocket spending limits, according to a survey by the Mercer consulting firm

More alarming statistics. A 5.7% increase in costs, last year was 6% and the deductibles have doubled.  Think it has to be this way?  Just look outside the United States.   OECD compares health care costs of nations as percentage of GDP.

OECD Health Exp GDP 2006