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Now Insurance Companies Can Get U.S. Taxpayer TARP Money too

The blood that keeps on bleeding. Life Insurance Companies to get TARP funds:

The U.S. Treasury said on Wednesday some life insurers have met requirements for government capital investments under an existing rescue plan, clarifying that it is not launching a new bailout for the sector.

"There are a number of life insurers that have met requirements for the Capital Purchase Program because of their bank holding company status," said Treasury spokesman Andrew Williams. "These are among the hundreds of financial institutions in the CPP pipeline that will be reviewed and funded as appropriate on a rolling basis."

The statement was made in response to a Wall Street Journal story published late on Tuesday saying the Treasury would extend its $700 billion financial bailout program to certain life insurers and would make an announcement in coming days.

The Paulson Shopping Spree - Now Insurance Companies Want in

From Paulson Weighs Buying Stakes in U.S. Insurers, Regional Lenders (Bloomberg):

The U.S. Treasury is considering taking stakes in insurers, as it prepares a new round of capital injections targeted at regional banks and other financial companies, a person briefed on the plan said

Some life insurers have asked the government to make the participation of life companies mandatory because firms don't want to identify themselves as needing funds

Mandatory to get taxpayer funds simply because they do not want to identify themselves?

Additional details are how the Treasury didn't anticipant the drop in the markets. Right, they scream Fire in the Theater and are now surprised?