March CPI Shows Inflation Rising

The Consumer Price Index increased 0.2% for March, the same rate as February, as overall energy costs continued to rise.  Gasoline prices alone increased 3.9%.  Inflation without food or energy prices considered increased 0.2% for the month.  From a year ago overall inflation declined -0.1% and this is due to the previous plunge in gasoline prices.

Gas Price Drop Deflates Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index dropped -07% for January, the largest monthly drop since December 2008 and the steepest monthly decline in a series of seven.  Gasoline prices plummeted -18.7%, the steepest since December 2008.  The drop in gas overwhelmed the Consumer Price Index and was the cause of the overall drop.

Union Membership at All Time Low

The attack on unions has been clearly effective. America's workers who are members of a union declined by 0.5 percentage points in 2012 to a low of 11.3%. In 1983 20.1% of all workers were members of a union and in 2011 11.8% of America's employed were union members. We have not seen union membership rates this low since the Great Depression.