Gas Price Drop Deflates Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index dropped -07% for January, the largest monthly drop since December 2008 and the steepest monthly decline in a series of seven.  Gasoline prices plummeted -18.7%, the steepest since December 2008.  The drop in gas overwhelmed the Consumer Price Index and was the cause of the overall drop.

Low Inflation On Much More than Gas as CPI Declines -0.4%

The monthly Consumer Price Index dropped -04% for December, the largest monthly drop since 2008  Once again it's all about falling oil prices.  Gasoline prices declined the steepest since December 2008.  Inflation with gas and food removed flat-lined and had no change from last month.   CPI measures inflation, or price increases.


Home Ownership Rates Are Bad News for America

Home ownership is at the lowest rate since the 4th quarter of 1995.  The Census released their quarterly housing vacancies and home ownership report.  The seasonally adjusted homeownership rate is 65.1%.  Many in the press tried to claim homeownership is increasing by quoting the not seasonally adjusted home ownership rate of 65.3%, which gives an uptick in people owning homes in America from the 2nd quarter of 2013.  The reality is, not so.  The great ownership society went bankrupt.

Home Ownership & Vacancy Rates for Q1 2012 - Lowest Home Ownership Since Q4 1996

The Census Bureau released the Q4 home ownership, rental and vacancy rates for Q1 2012. Home ownership dropped 1.0% from Q1 2011 to 65.4%, a 0.6% drop from last quarter. This is the lowest home ownership rate since the end of 1996 and the first quarter of 1997.


Win for Renters - Fannie Mae To Stop Evictions of Tenants in Foreclosed Homes

One small step for the people. Fannie Mae is stopping the practice of evicting the tenants who are living in rental properties that have been foreclosed on.

Makes sense right? The bank takes over the property which is earning income from renters, so why were they kicking them out in the first place?

This is a win for all of those renting who were getting thrown out on the street over something they had no control over.