stock price

Stock overvalued at levels never before seen

The stock market rally coming off March lows has now surpassed 60%, a rally of strength rarely seen before. But it has been seen before, so let's put it into perspective.

* Year over Year Retail Sales: 9.3% average in prior 60% rallies versus -5.3% in the current one
* Consumer Confidence: 95.5 average; 53.1 now
* Capacity Utilization: 79.9% average; 66.6% now
* Year over Year Industrial Production: 4.1% avereage; -10.7% now
* ISM: 53.9 average; 52.6 now
* Payroll employment gains over period: 2.2% average; -2.0% now
* Decline in continued unemployment claims from cycle peak: -26.3 average; -11.6% now
* Year over Year growth in total credit market debt: 9.3% average; 3.0% now
* Year over Year growth in household debt: 8.8% average; -0.1% now

Shareholders Nationalize Citigroup - Stock Literally worth Pennies

Citigroup is being nationalized by shareholders as we speak. Nationalization is when the shareholders get nothing, the bank it taken over by the Government, cleaned up, broken up, all executive management tossed out and then the bank is privatized once again.


Citigroup fell to $1.03 at 12:32 p.m. on the New York Stock Exchange after reaching 97 cents earlier today, marking an 85 percent decline this year and giving the New York-based company a market value of $5.5 billion. At its peak in late 2006, Citigroup stock was worth $55.70, for a market value of $277.2 billion.

Even more horrific, Citigroup lobbied for their own demise.