GOP VP - Palin on Economics & Trade

Boy o boy. Oh howdy. Is it tough to find accurate information on Governor Sarah Palin, the GOP VP nominee.

Frankly when all one can find about the candidate for Vice President of the United States are thousands and thousands of posts about babies and daughters and daughters with babies and babies with daughters of babies....millions of nasty bits...gathering to bytes, cloggin' up those Internet tubes......well, the world is clearly sexist as hell.

I'm sorry that's the bottom line. You've got a candidate for the 2nd highest public office in the United States and the blogs read like Jerry Springer.

For all you other people out there, all 2 of you, interested in finding out actual policy positions I managed to dig out a few references:

First, Project Vote Smart I'd say is the most credible.

To the left but has a few economic positions: