The ancients knew the solution thousands of years ago.

Jubilee. The birthplace of civilization is collapsing. Shouldn't the protection afforded to threatened animals be extended to human beings. A sustaining wage full employment should be the focus of government. When a lot of people are working money is moving and economies are functioning. In the view of all laws regarding preservation of animals and the environment validating (validate) the meaning of "progress". Progress is essentially cheaper and faster. Not cheaper, faster and thriving economy. It all points to the function of money. The government could create living income jobs by focusing on creating self sustaining jobs. Recent application of the stimulus had no chance of working. Simply spending money will not stimulate to a continuing result. In order for a stimulus to work it has to be applied to something that can run on its own. You can make a car run that is out of gas by pouring gas in the engine. But once the gas is used up the car stalls again. The same applies to the economy. Giving money that does not produce a profitable product will not stimulate running. Use the tax system to attract investing to producing jobs. Add the human factor to the meaning of progress.