The big bad US Chamber of Commerce

Golly Gee, the big bad US Chamber of Commerce is planning on punishing any Presidential candidate who breaths a word of economic populism.

From La Times

"We plan to build a grass-roots business organization so strong that when it bites you in the butt, you bleed," chamber President Tom Donohue said.

Presidential candidates in particular have responded to the public concern. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina has been the bluntest populist voice, but other front-running Democrats, including Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, have also called for change on behalf of middle-class voters.

On the Republican side, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee -- emerging as an unexpected front-runner after winning the Iowa caucuses -- has used populist themes in his effort to woo independent voters, blasting bonus pay for corporate chief executives and the effect of unfettered globalization on workers.

Why Thank you US Chamber of Commerce. You have made it easy for us to pick the best candidate.

The one who has the most bites is obviously the right one!

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