The Great U.S. Worker Sell Out Through Comprehensive Immigration Reform

There is a war going on and it is against the U.S. worker.  Tech companies have formed lobbyist groups, phony think tanks and social media traps.  CEOs luncheon with the President of the United States, whispering their demands in the President's ear and he heartily obliges them  Tech companies even wrote legislation, which was promptly passed by the Senate Judiciary committee under the guise of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  We are being inundated with lies and fictional white papers, all to labor arbitrage American technical professionals buried into Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

As a result, Big Tech Business is getting all the cheap labor they want:

More than any other group, the high-tech industry got big wins in an immigration bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, thanks to a concerted lobbying effort, an ideally positioned Senate ally and relatively weak opposition.

The result amounted to a bonanza for the industry: unlimited green cards for foreigners with certain advanced U.S. degrees and a huge increase in visas for highly skilled foreign workers.

And thanks to the intervention of Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the industry succeeded in greatly curtailing controls sought by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., aimed at protecting U.S. workers.

In exchange, Hatch voted for the bill when it passed the committee, helping boost its bipartisan momentum as it heads to the Senate floor next month.

 The American worker is not invited, especially the American technology professional to lunch with the President of the United States.  Either are expert labor economists who have laboriously shown there is no worker shortage in STEM specialty occupations.  Their views and jobs do not matter.  Statistics do not matter, labor economics do not matter and protecting American jobs and even the economy do not matter to this administration and Congress.  The only thing that does matter to this President is what CEOs demand and the Congressional dance to give it to them.

The Senate Judiciary Committee could care less about the American worker and worse, Democrat Dick Durbin completely sold out workers he made a big splash about protecting in 2009.  Even the AFL-CIO, whose union members are primarily not Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics professionals was outraged by the sell out:

There is no reason why this strong coalition should accept anti-worker amendments. And let’s be clear: Senator Orrin Hatch’s H-1B amendments are unambiguous attacks on American workers.

Hatch’s amendments change the bill so that high tech companies could functionally bring in H-1B visa holders without first making the jobs available to American workers. Hatch’s amendments would mean that American corporations could fire American workers in order to bring in H-1B visa holders at lower wages.

The next Sergei Brin might be sitting in an American classroom right now. But if that future innovator cannot get an entry-level job in high tech because employers prefer importing temporary workers, entrepreneurial innovations will not occur in the United States.

Tech tycoons like Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg have gotten rich while wages in the technology sector have stagnated. Today’s H-1B amendments have passed on the same day that Apple’s CEO is testifying about Apple’s multi-billion dollar tax avoidance schemes. If the hard work of America’s tech workers is ever to pay off, we need to craft policy that benefits the people who actually write code, rather than just rewarding industry honchos who write checks to politicians. Our goal should be an America in which our young tech workers can pay off their student loans, not one in which Larry Ellison can build ever more extravagant yachts. We expect better, we deserve better, and if necessary, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, we will get better.

Bear in mind, the AFL-CIO wants to legalize the millions of illegals currently in the country and is generally for more immigration, so for them to call out this sell out of the American professional is quite the statement.

The propaganda and sell out of U.S. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics professionals is so beyond the pale, Benedict Arnold' corporate front groups are building websites and social media to promote their agenda.  Corporations pay big bucks to these Judases who deny employment and wage statistics, while actual Engineers and Computer Scientists are not even heard.  They do not have millions of dollars to pay off politicians and run public relations campaigns in order to keep their jobs.

The Senate Judiciary Committee vote makes it clear.  Democrats will throw American labor to the globalization labor arbitrage wolves at a glance.  The vote was 13 to five and all Democrats voted to labor arbitrage American workers with nary a nod to labor economic facts, along with three Republicans, Hatch, Graham and Jeff Flake.  Strange but true that the party of labor loves to wrap global labor arbitrage, outsourcing and U.S. worker displacement in an immigration framework to hid what they are in fact doing.  If you ask one Democratic Senator how many jobs there are in tech and how many foreign workers they approved each year to be brought in, not one will admit they add more foreign workers than there are new jobs.

Senator Chuck Grassley, a tech worker supporter, said Let's peel back the onion and see how much this stinks about the bill as the corporate lobbyists' and their bought and paid for politicians bulldozed him to the ground in committee.

The AFL-CIO is out stating the obvious, tech companies want to flood the U.S. market with foreign labor for the purposes of arbitrage, pay people less and technology transfer out of the country through these workers.

High-tech companies say there are "too few" American high-tech workers, but that's not true.

Today there are 20,000 fewer African-American computer programmers and system analysts employed than in 2008.

In the fields of computer and information science and engineering, U.S. colleges graduate 50% more students than there are new hires.

Basic supply and demand suggests that if there were too few qualified tech workers, their average salaries would be going up. But tech wages haven't risen since Bill Clinton was president.

Clearly, high tech is not looking to bring in H-1B visa holders for a few years at a time because there is a shortage of tech workers. They want a massive expansion of H-1B visa holders because they can pay them less.

This is not about innovation and job creation. It is about dollars and cents.

The great tech worker shortage lie was even called out by CNBC, not exactly a labor news haven.  Wages have fallen and check out the number of actual jobs created in a year, it is less than the current number of H-1B Visa foreign workers admitted to the country now.

A labor pool with plenty of young people and long unemployed older developers may be making it possible for employers to pay less.

U.S. tech industry added nearly 64,000 software-related jobs last year, but as the workforce expanded, the average size of workers' paychecks declined by nearly 2 percent.

There is clearly, obviously, by any metric, no labor shortage in STEM related occupations in the United States.  Democrats should hang their heads in shame for kowtowing to corporations and their cheap labor demands.



New Kansas: How Global Outsourcing is 21st Slavery

To fight the new raiders from Arkansas is not fun. We intenf to win. A new action is raised against the Global Outsourcers using their connections, replade me with an H1B. Threee months before, the same happened. This time,. a line in the sand. That line may not be so clear if the billionares club, aka, U.S. Senate changes the rules.


To this pourpose, a significant action is enjoined aganst a major offshore outshore outsource, using the USDOL The Billionaires Club wiill oppose this with new law. When we win, I promise an action against the oligarchy destroying our jobs.

There is hope.

Burton Leed

I don't know what this means

What raiders from Arkansas? This is coming mainly from Tech companies who can just walk into the Oval office and any Congressional Office and get whatever they want. They can even get phony Congressional hearings to read their lobbyists white paper fiction into the record, no problem.

U.S. workers, statistics, employment statistics, wages, U.S. citizen graduation rates, the dearth of female STEM, of older STEM, of disabled STEM, of U.S. domestic diversity STEM inside these companies is ignored.

Talk about enabling discrimination, the Senate Judiciary committee has no qualms from every supposed value they claim when corporations come knocking on their doors.

US Senate:, Domestic US Workers Are Slaves

The next bill sent to the Senate by the US Commerce Comittee, we are slaves, we are dirt. Too much contempt is inexprssible. To the Senate,to Obama ( a former ally I supported), I say WAR.
Believe only that that WAR begins from one who has lost all from the policies and legislation you support. My situiation starts from being replaced by an H1B Visa Worker. That is the start and end of your policy.

It is my plain purpose to help this Administriation to define the word Enemy. This Adminstration has gone far. This administration has alieneated friends who have helped them. Enemies like myself are the worst and most implacable kind. Chris Mattews cannot save you from my rath.

That rath concerns how you betray the U.S worker. We know how S 744 buys votes. Everyone understands what moving 31 Million into the US labor market means : lower wages, fear, and abject obedience to reactionary policies you create.

Understand. as one whose ancestors have fought in all US wars, the risk you face. We have less and less to lose to see your polical demise, in whatever form it takes. In the past few years, I have shown in the most clear and historical terms, how your terms are so clearly numbered.

Yet, in spite of the risks, the Oligarcy prevails. No one is suprised, but everyone is increasingly furious. Fury, one day is currency for Revolution,

Burton Leed

why anyone believed Obama was Pro Worker is beyond me

It was clear and has been clear Obama is a corporate front guy and that is from the primaries. All candidates, McCain, Romney, Obama promised these corporate lobbyists our jobs and the issue for them is delivering to these corporate lobbyists who want payback for their campaign contributions.

The U.S. worker be damned. Frankly, this is one of the main reasons the jobs crisis has gone on so long, corporate lobbyists and their cheap labor demands and a more than willing government to placate them.

The sad bit is that there are

The sad bit is that there are many Americans who support the corporatocracy for various reasons; though I think the largest reasons are ignorance or just plain willful ignorance. Really this shouldn't surprise anyone when most if not all the media sources are pro corporate agenda, pro globalism, and pro disposable worker. I don't want to get into the dream of globalists in this post, so I'll just stop. But really the more I read about not just our government but all governments, the angrier I get. Really as brleed said in his post, one can only hope enough people wake up to start a global revolution because at this point this is the only way to correct the course.

It is like McDonald's and Coke, all Marketing

The power of marketing never ceases to amaze. Think about global empires on sugar water and flavored fat, worth billions. It's all marketing.

The same is true with agendas and policy, which is why these corporate PR firms spend millions and millions planting phony articles, fake statistics, create "think tanks" which are simply front groups to advance their agendas...

Simply one huge spin machine and while we're talking about the great sell out of the U.S. STEM, professional workers, probably a more recognized example of this is the Koch Brothers.

Started an entire political "movement" on a lie, pretty astounding.

Scab labor

It's more accurate to refer to illegal immigrant labor as scab labor

Even USA Today is writiung about the cheap labor of immigration

USA today is covering the lie of the immigration bill as being a lobbyist pig fest on cheap labor, foreign labor and host of "buy a Visa" by propping up the U.S. real estate market. It's appalling and every corporation is represented but workers are not and that includes the illegal workers. This is a bad joke and it is expected to pass!

The Great U.S. Worker Sell Out Through Comprehensive Immigration

This is a failure of capitalism. We have elected officials who are beholden to corporate cronyism. If we love our country the students, especially their leaders need to start a revolution until they are heard. After all, it is their future which is at stake.

Rubio disses U.S. workers!

Unbelievable, even the Senator is claiming American workers can't cut it.

Let's see, U.S.workers sent a man to the moon, invented the Internets, the transistor, the PC and the cell phone.

Now, due to corporations hating to hire U.S. workers Americans magically suck.

There ya have it!

These politicians couldn't hack real work - they love $ + power

Honestly, why do assclowns go into politics? Because they loved working in the coalmines so much and were kicking ass down there but they thought politics would round out their resumes? Because they were such great bio and chem students and were working on the cure for cancer but hey, politics called so screw saving humanity? Because they really enjoyed teaching AP Calculus to high school kids and loved teaching so much, but after winning 20 greatest teacher awards, they thought lunches with the Kochs and Murdoch and Gates were a better use of their talents? Nope, nope, nope.

They went into politics to serve their paymasters. They went into it because the thought of someone kissing their ass while in office was their dream. Most of them couldn't do a damn thing in the real world, other than pretend the world revolves around them. They were born into money most of the time or clawed their way over other people to get rich and powerful. Politics strokes their egos, makes them rich before, during, and after their time in office, and it helps them and their friends and families line up riches from here to eternity.

Honest AMERICAN men and women are currently unemployed or busting their asses in fields, in mines, labs, classrooms, cubicles, warehouses, in trucks, in hospitals, on construction sites, in the military, etc., etc. everywhere. THEY AREN'T IN POLITICAL OFFICE. If a politician could line up riches and power for himself and cronies and family by saying China or Russia or Somalia should take over the NSA, run DHS, and fire every American and replace them with foreigners, what do you think they would do? And that's the state of the USA, because for one moment we actually have to think about what they'd do. That's how "loyal," "honest," "intelligent," and "patriotic" they are.

They are okay with us being spied on, unable to find work in our own country, and getting poorer because of their actions and policies they create. Because hey, they are rich, narcissistic, and disloyal. Any questions? No? Good, because serving in elected office where people get rich is about as far from true "public service" as one can get. Gosh, can't wait until the next Clinton or Romney or Paul Ryan or Christie or Bloomberg takes over. Because then it will be different. I'm sure of it.

they are echoing corporate lobbyists

That's how bad it is. Corporations are trying to claim American workers suck. Unbelievable since U.S. workers have the least amount of vacation, work the longest, highest productivity, on and on.

There is clearly an attitude out there, especially in tech, that U.S. citizenship is the new "Black", i.e. discrimination, brazen, against those with citizenship.

So, we are hearing this garbage echoed by our elected officials who are simply corporate puppets.

They just insert lobbyist laws - how sick is that?!

It'd be one thing if they even had to write the lobbyists' wishlists. But ALEC, etc. has shown that these dudes and women don't even have to write laws to cater to the lobbyists and their masters. So I'm not even sure why lobbyist pay them, they should pay the legislative assistants or whoever that staple the lobbyist laws into the bills that are 10,000 pages that are passed without anyone representing American citizens.
And those lobbyists can serve whoever, foreign allies, enemies, whoever. Ain't it great! USA 2013! I'm lovin' it! What a trainwreck of wanton and out-in-the-open corruption. But don't call it out, the NSA might send the Feds after you. Don't speak out, don't complain, just watch open treachery destroy us. F'ing joke.

I wonder, does anyone in these political offices below the politicians actually have a crisis of conscience and puke daily in the office from the corruption? Does anyone in Holder's DOJ actually throw up when Holder and the WH and Treasury tell them specifically no TBTF banks will be prosecuted for $ laundering, aiding terrorists, aiding cartels, protecting forgers, mortgage fraudsters, etc.? Do they call their bosses out when their bosses wear flag lapel pins while protecting criminals and hurting citizens? Or do people with morals and patriotism automatically get dropped through a trapdoor at the entrance?

Boehner won't bring immigration to House floor for vote

Who would have thought that Republicans just might save the day for U.S. labor by refusing to pass this bill?

Folks, you need to keep writing your Congressional representatives but the GOP in the House are the only hope to stop this labor disaster.

Also, the illegals are simply being used, this is a 13 year process with all sorts of hoops so frankly if I was here illegally looking at that deal, it's not good. It basically allows the illegals to turn into exploitable workers and then wait forever to really get rights.

Lobbyists, pundits are simply using the illegals, playing the race card and so on to pass this cheap labor disaster. Lobbyists and cheap labor agenda hide behind the illegals, pathway to citizenship, to try to claim if you are not for flooding the U.S. with an unlimited labor supply then you are against the illegals obtaining rights and that just simply is a lie for this bill delays those rights for so long and has so many gotchas to obtain them.

fake tech worker 'shortage'

Kudos. Well said.

Senator Jeff Sessions for President.

new immigration bill & tech

Tech workers tend towards libertarian style politics and this is a result. I thought it was ironic that it was the AFL-CIO standing up for tech workers. That union would be laughed out of any tech workplace that I've worked at. How long will it take us to learn our lesson?

Just look at median net worths + incomes over years in USA - wow

I'm always curious how Clinton, Bush, Obama, Congress jokers/whores never get confronted with the basic facts - Americans are much, much worse off as far as income and wealth ever since the NAFTA, Glass-Steagall repeal, etc. was forced down our throats. Now I know Bill O'Reilly and David "I hate real journalists that cover NSA spying and criticize my corporate paymasters" Gregory won't confront any politicians about these simple facts, but it's painful. Sure, Bill O' can claim we're all kickin' ass because most of us have homes and AC and a phone and microwave, and Gregory can claim we're awesome because we can afford phones and emails the NSA can hack and intercept, but still, median incomes and net worth have been dropping and dropping with no relief in sight.

Simple question a real journalist would ask a politician and CEO every day of every year - if all this immigration, outsourcing, and free trade is so damn good, why do American citizens keep seeing their median incomes drop, their median net worth drop, and real unemployment stagnate or increase along with shock-and-awe levels of low labor participation rates?

Now I'm no politician, and I'm sure as Hell no journo that eats caviar and frolics with the same politicians and businesspeople I'm supposed to cover/investigate, but damn, even us rubes can pose a question once in a while in a "democracy" or "republic," right? Or is that going to get me in trouble with NBC/GE, JPMorgan, Fox/Murdoch phone hacking Inc., the NSA, etc.?

No jobs, low wages, more labor supply, and being spied on?! Ugh

As July 4th approaches and labor arbitrage laws just passed, no question where American citizens need to look to see who's to blame for our current plight. From boardrooms to the halls of power in state capitals, national capitals, and transnational capitals (e.g., Brussels and Frankfurt), pretty damn obvious the clowns in charge want to destroy us for a few pennies more in their bank accounts that are immune from money laundering investigations or seizures (they aren't us, after all). If someone's lucky enough to land a job and risk their necks for dropping wages, no doubt someone pulling in seven or eight figures that will never break a sweat in their lives helped ensure the person risking his neck will only struggle ever-harder with every passing year just to survive. Let's not even get into thriving as a human being, a family member, a member of society, etc.

So here we are in 2013, lower wages, decreasing real labor participation rates, criminals in politics and big business getting bailed out or never facing arrest ever for their crimes, and more labor supply being rammed down. And as American citizens we can have the honor of our own government spying on us and criminals in Congress and elsewhere saying it's fine by them. Apparently they are not only completely corrupt, but honestly couldn't care less about the Constitution, state Constitutions, or anything else this country stands for. Of course I'm assuming they understand how to read and write and take oaths, but that might be too big an assumption at this stage of the game.

House GOP on Immigration

Both parties love to grant more foreign guest workers per corporate demands, so the only hope here is the "pathway to citizenship" part, which many GOP won't vote for. But they would vote and pass in a heart beat more labor supply, displacing U.S. workers so labor has not a friend in site in Congress these days.