China Eastern Jiangsu Provence raises minimum wage, wow $140 a month!

While one might think this is better news for U.S. workers, in terms of global labor arbitrage, it's probably only good news for the Chinese. A Chinese province raises minimum wage 13% to a whopping $140 USD a month!

A decision by the province that is China’s second-biggest exporter to raise minimum wage rates has heightened expectations that other provinces and cities will soon follow, just as the central government’s attention is shifting from economic stimulus to rising inflation.

Eastern Jiangsu province, which exports more than Brazil and South Africa combined, raised its monthly minimum wage rate 13 per cent to Rmb960 ($140) last week. It was the first time the rate had been adjusted in two years.

Meanwhile no sweat describes ongoing labor abuses in China.

Shame we don't have such publicity on the ongoing abuses of U.S. workers.

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Misplaced sarcasm

Your sarcasm is surely misplaced. While the minimum wage might only be US$140 a month, it is a living wage in China. You need to read up about purchasing power parity. Then too, food and lodging are typically included free or at low cost.

I think my sarcasm is placed just fine

May I suggest contemplating the PPP ratio between the U.S. and China, which was the point of my sarcasm? Yes, I also am aware China offers free wooden bunk beds in Factories and even does Prison! (ah, probably won't get that one either). Anyone else, the point was the wage ratios between the U.S. vs. China and to note...those wonderful middle class wood slant bunk beds and they even wake you up to eat over there!