China manipulating it's stock market

Check this out about China playing a brazenly rigged game (duh) in their stock markets:

the government is pulling out all the stops to try to provoke a rally this summer ahead of the Olympic Games.
Earlier in the week, the Chinese government limited block trades in a way that it hoped would reduce the volatility that has wiped more than $2 trillion in market cap off the market since last year. On another day, it imposed a limit on casino growth in the booming gambling city of Macau, causing a surge in shares of the casinos that are already there, including the big Las Vegas boys.
This type of blatant manipulation, done without shame and expected by the big institutions that ride the wave in Asia, can only end badly for investors. Like everything else ahead of the Olympics, it's a PR stunt designed for the short term. But it will only leave investors more hooked on stock-trading profits and increase the demand for more manipulation

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