Did you think in 2008 you would read this headline, "Democrats about to pass Bush Era Tax Cuts"?

Democrats control the Senate. So, did you ever imagine this headline from Business Week, Senate Set to Pass $858 Billion Bush-Era Tax Cut Measure Today:

The U.S. Senate today is poised to pass President Barack Obama’s $858 billion proposal to extend Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels, cut payroll taxes and extend expanded jobless benefits.

Majority Leader Harry Reid said last night on the Senate floor that the chamber will start debate at 11 a.m. on the measure. Before a vote on final passage, senators will take up three amendments, Reid said. Amendments require a two-thirds supermajority for adoption.

There are still a lot of rumblings in the House, but the above says it all about the Senate. Not that this is new, more the headlines make it more official. The Senate is as much for working people as Goldman Sachs is.

Mother Jones points out from polls, people are confused on what each tax cut even is.

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House Passes tax bill, 277 to 148

Huffington Post, seems Obama was personally calling House members to get them to pass it.

If only he fought this hard for a real stimulus program, to confront China on currency manipulation, for a real health plan that reduces costs....

36 Republicans, 128 Democrats voted against it. Roll call vote is here.

Obama's speech

It was astounding, simply astounding the speech on signing off on these tax cuts. It's clear, Michael Collins and many in Congress are right, they are targeting social security for reductions/privatizations after running up a massive deficit due to tax cuts for the rich (in part).

So many people have already had their retirement decimated, all that is left is social security, so if this agenda is allowed, imagine millions of destitute homeless old people, everywhere, thrown to the dogs.

I'm sorry, but I think that's what we're looking at, just like all of the homeless, destitute people right now, due to a lack of a job, are swept under the rug.

The Inter-Generational Social Contract

You are so right that so many depend on SS to live day to day. Those about to retire should feel swindled. Anyone 55 to 66 has paid big taxes to support the last generation and now will see their benefits cut. This is what they must do when they defunded SS.

Social contract in the U.S. Constitution was advanced in the Federalist Papers and understood by all signers of the Constituion. Paine, Jefferson, Franklin, Monroe,
Washington all read and understood Locke, Hobbes, and Rousseau.

To betray the social contract is to destroy the foundation of civil government itself.

Burton Leed