Do You Want Professionals in Technically Related, Scientific and Engineering Careers to Form a Union?


academic researchers

This group needs to organize as much as any other. H-1b has had a negative impact that has ruined the careers of almost all older workers. Salary depression is most severe in this area. LCA database proves this with cold hard numbers.

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other articles

CIO Magazine is asking the question on a union for techies also. blog also is asking the same thing.

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Individuals wishing to join

a Labor Union should be able to. Individuals wishing not to be associated with a Labor Union should have the right to decline

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I have proposed IT union for 30 years

A union would provide a damper to the insane tactics of wild CEO's, MBA's, and CFO's whose interests are not in the general welfare and future of the company. There would be less mergers, acquisitions, downsizings, outsourcing, offshoring, layoffs, and bankruptcies.

Since the 70's, IT managers have been groomed from sales positions. They are outsourcing contract managers with no knowledge of IT.

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The campaign against unions

One of the most effective propaganda (corporate lobbyist public relations tactics) run on white collar workers is this idea that by their own brain power magically they will be protected against the same problems blue collar workers are.

They have perpetuated a myth by by one's own accomplishments one would not be subject to what happens to others.

Go to school! The reason blue collar workers are in trouble is they are just too stupid to advance their skills!

When one is educated, one is separate from blue collar labor. Above the fray and somehow special.

One would think those workers upon which high I.Q. is a requirement would figure this game out!

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Organization of Engineers etc

About 45 years ago, an older engineer (likely about 40) told me he thought that we should be organized. I told him that he was out of his mind. This was of course before outsourcing, downsizing and the practice of discriminating against older engineers. After all, I was a software engineer and we were in major demand.

Today I am under employed and frequently unemployed. At age 57 my employer, a company that was known of protecting any employee with more than 10 years service told this 15 years employee with 10 patients who had successfully developed numerious products goodby. BTW I had a long career filled with commendations, run successful businesses and had been the subject of newspaper and magazine articles.

How could I protest by myself?

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Over on blog are links to organizations. WashTech is AFL-CIO affiliated and the Programmer's Guild is more of a group, not union affiliated but they have been fairly effective, at least in terms of getting information out there.

I've seen many with strong patent portfolios, supposedly the golden researchers also unceremoniously fired.

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