Don't like what the data says? Hell, Stop Collecting it! BEA to stop tracking Foreign investments in the U.S.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

Here is the graph of FDI from BEA:


As you can see Foreign companies are buying US assets extensively so why would the United States not track this very important statistic?

Economy in Crisis writes in Burying the Money Trail:

With the U.S. no longer following the foreign money trail, the American public will cease to have the ability to track the rapid sell-off of America’s best companies to foreign interests, essentially burying the problematic fact that America is for sale.

The American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition, along with 38 other organizations issued a press release about the BEA decision to not track this vital statistic:

Yesterday, 38 organizations representing U.S. manufacturing, labor, and agricultural interests sent a letter to the chairmen of four congressional committees (2 House and 2
Senate) urging Congress to reverse the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) decision to cease its survey of tracking new foreign direct investment in the United States now contained in its “New Investment Series.

Without this data, the U.S. government and the American public will no longer be able to distinguish between foreign direct investments (FDI) used to acquire existing U.S. assets worldwide from FDI actually used to establish new U.S. businesses.

Don't like what you see? So, just don't look anymore!

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Additional observation from the AMTAC:

We also note that the BEA did not report FDI data for countries like China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and others with burgeoning state-owned and controlled companies and/or sovereign wealth fund coffers in its June press release.

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