Duh - Not "Soccer Moms" After All - New polls shows Women want Economic Policy change!

I gotta laugh for in the past, there has been such inherent sexism in the women vote analysis. Things like soccer moms and feelings and fear....well, I guess it takes a think tank run by women to get to the truth of the matter.

A new poll from the National Women's Law Center finds:

Poll Findings: Women Are Worried About the Future and Believe Government Must Act

According to a recent poll by the National Women's Law Center, women feel the impact of economic insecurity and rising food, energy, education, and health care costs more deeply than men – and see government as a key to the solution.

According to the poll, women want:

  • A better health care system
  • An end to the wage gap
  • Affordable birth control, comprehensive sex education, and protection for Roe v. Wade
  • Access to high-quality child care
  • Improved economic security for women and their families
  • A solution to the dropout crisis
  • A fair and independent judiciary

An end to the wage gap is referring to the economic inequality of women wage earners vs. men, which pretty much hasn't changed for decades.

My opinion: If you don't have economic equality, you have a lot of hype, rhetoric and hot air.

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