Elizabeth Warren video interview - 50% of CRE underwater by end of the year

Elizabeth Warren did an interview on CNBC. Of the tidbits we have: get rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, why is Citigroup growing when it should be shrinking and 50% of all Commercial Real Estate will have loans greater than the properties are worth by the end of 2010 and it's such a problem it's gonna hurt the overall economy. Watch to see if I summed that up correctly:


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Prof. Warren, truth speaker to America

I'm one of these people who never liked the public-private parnership...to begin with! I think what they did was used public when public was useful, and used private when private was useful!

Yup....yet another reason why I admire and respect America's Number One Toxic Avenger.

And, for anyone interested in those public-private partnerships, I would refer them to A Brief History of Securitization, as well as The Global Agenda: Privatizing the Planet, and The Global Agenda: Privatizing the Planet - Part Deux.

Now why wouldn't the Obama Administration, which has yet to appoint an actual economist, at least appoint Madam Professor Warren??????