Europe Commits $1.8 Trillion to Bail out Banks

Good God, where is my personal printing press.

EU Nations Commit 1.3 Trillion Euros to Bank Bailouts

France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria committed 1.3 trillion euros ($1.8 trillion) to guarantee bank loans and take stakes in lenders, racing to prevent the collapse of the financial system

The greatest risk is in inertia - Sarkozy

What does this mean long term to the deficits, economy?

Business Week is quoting leaders as saying this will make money

Woerth said the 320 billion euros for bank refinancing "is not necessarily public debt" -- and that the way the package is structured, if many banks take up that offer, the state would make money.

How exactly is pouring, flooding the financial system with public money going to make money exactly?

Yes, they are buying equity stakes and so on, but they all are adding to theirdeficits and the various methods they are raising this much cash.

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