Even the video gamers are talking Depression!

Man, you know things have gotten out of hand when even the friggin' Playstation blog talks a wee bitabout the economy and Depression!

I’ve seen a number of people break out this old Harry Truman chestnut recently:

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job it’s a depression when you lose yours.”

By this definition, the current economic situation has indeed become a depression for a number of our colleagues in the gaming industry. Just in the past few weeks, some people we’ve linked to, who make the games we play, who have guest-posted on this blog, and even some close friends have found themselves out of work.

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these unemployment rates

I think they are going above 10% and I'm saying that simply because there are just no advertised jobs plus it does seem everyone knows people being laid off.

In the 2000-2003 time frame, it was the techies, the STEM and manufacturing, and much had to do with offshore outsourcing, but it was more pocketed.

I looked on job boards and it's a wasteland, i.e. few/no jobs.

Last stat I read there were 4 people looking for every job available.


That is my call for intermediate top in unemployment. Of course, if we use the old formula, we're already there!


I tell you.

We're all going to be fighting the aliens off our Martian base.

Sorry, had to do it.

I'm more thinking

We're going to have to Attack K Street directly- with a goal of pushing the WTO out of the United States, permanently, regardless of what it does to our exports. We're to a point where it's either us or them- they either starve us, or we kill them.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.