The Final Word on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

In a recent column by Glenn Greenwald at, titled, Mike McConnell, the WashPost & the dangers of sleazy corporatism, Glenn explains the seamless movement between the overt American intelligence establishment, and the covert American intelligence establishment which I have come to refer to as the Financial-Intelligence Complex.

(Anyone interested in historicity of this, simply refer to the chapters covering the Kennedy Administration in Richard Parker's outstanding and scholarly biography on John Kenneth Galbraith. Also, any readings on the history of the CIA and NSA should also suffice; as well as any further reading on the background of former Goldman Sachs partner, and board member of many past and present intelligence boards, Stephen Friedman.)

The latest overt public-private partnership is documented in his excellent column.

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A most interesting, and some would say, dangerous public-private partnership in a world of ever-increasing PPPs.

Of course, the largest public-private partnership, and most certainly the most damning to the future of any middle class, working class, and citizenry in America is surely most obvious to any and all:

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This is my final post here as I am relocating out of the country (America) and have sold off all my computer equipment and may be without Internet access for some time to come.

Thanks to any and all for their comments over the past years.



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