Free Trade Lost ! Fair Trade Wins Big in Election 2008

Here's some good news. According to Public Citizen, the American now has 30 more Representatives on renegotiating and reforming United States trade policy. We picked up 26 fair trade representatives in the House and 4 in the Senate.

Oh yeah, the too close to call races, some of them ran on reforming trade in working America's and the national interest.

Here is the full election 2008 fair trade winners report (pdf).

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Merkley wins, add another one

Jeff Merkley has just been projected the winner in the Oregon Senate race against incumbent Republican Gordon Smith.

Merkley ran heavily on fair trade.

I'm not sure yet

And I won't be until 6pm tonight.

Here's why: While Merkley's win is very likely, he was originally projected to win at 8:30pm on Tuesday night. Since then, he and Smith have been battling out the count; it's flip flopped at least 6 times I'm aware of, with spreads of up to 6000 votes at times.

While it's almost sure that the two remaining counties, Lane and Multnomah, vote overwhelmingly democrat, this one will go down to the line without certain projections possible.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

He won

He's up by 40,000 votes giving a victory speech, Smith is conceding.