G.E. Creates Green Jobs....in China

As previously reported, the U.S. Stimulus Bill is creating jobs....in India & China.

Now we have GE Moving Green Jobs To China:

So far, GE has shown every intention to take the American tax dollars being used to subsidize the green-energy economy and use them to build Chinese factories and pay Chinese workers.  As I wrote earlier this week, in spite of GE CEO Jeffery Immelt's statement that companies need to stop outsourcing, GE continues to lead the effort to outsource clean-energy jobs. Most recently, GE has cut off a contract with a windmill factory in Indiana and shipped the work to China despite the factory offering to sell their parts at the same price as their Chinese competitors.

To add insult to injury to workers losing their jobs from foreign outsourcing, GE has even launched a television ad campaign promoting American manufacturing. "GE has the ability to locate its new manufacturing for CFL's, LED's, as well as the new incandescent lighting technologies in Ohio and elsewhere in the U.S. So far they have not done this, and we see no sign that they are even considering doing this. GE Lighting workers in the U.S. see little to cheer in GE's pronouncements and feel good advertising because for several decades now every plant has been on an extended deathwatch," said Chris Townsend of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers.

You wondering why the Stimulus isn't working and listen to the rhetoric on fund deployment delays and so on? I think that rhetoric is not fact. We screamed from the roof tops at the time, and it's bearing out to be true, U.S. taxpayer dollars would go to more multinational corporations intent on offshore outsourcing your job.

Write the White House and demand those funds only be given on the condition the money is used for U.S. workers, U.S. citizens for jobs in their own country.

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There's a better way...

A lot of good that will do, sir.

Instead, write to Harvard University, the unions involved and surrounding it, and every news outlet there concerning the distinguished Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who is presently enjoying much news and press adulation and recently proclaimed he feels the pain of the poor Black man.

Why him? Because he is in the news and because he put himself out there as supporting one or another group of Americans, while having his name on that Bretton Woods Committee letter (addressed to Pelosi & Reid, US Congress, dated Feb. 11, 2009) which watered down (i.e., completely destroyed) the "Buy American" clause in the federal stimulus package.

This international lobby group for the ultra-rich is also the most anti-worker, anti-union group in creation.

Time to embarrass those who are most deserving of being shamed (assuming they actually can experience such).