I do NOT get it?!

I still do not get it!!.
What is meant by a Synthetic CDO short position?
(1)- Selling the security of the CDO.
(2)- selling insurance on the referenced Synthetic CDO mortgages?
In Other words,
How did IKB ( the German bank) lose that One Billion$ in the Abacus deal?! Did they sell insurance to Paluson?

Robert Oak here. The answer is oh so simple. Just see this Rube Goldberg chart, courtesy of ClusterStock and described by this Business Insider article.



So, the answer is they traded in CDSes to short the CDOs.

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Hello Robert, Thank you for

Hello Robert,
Thank you for the input.....Even if the above is 100% right (I have a lot of reservations)....the question remains how did IKB lose thatone billion Dollars?
I am told that IKB sold CDS protection to GS which in turn sold that CDS to Paulson?

if IKB issued CDSes

that's news to me. But it's possible. As you can see from the graph, they were primarily sold the rigged CDO (which is a bond), so even if they had some CDSes, each one pays out on one CDOs (or is assigned the default swap to some underlying derivative), so it's possible that wasn't enough to cover their losses due to the rigged game. I think the graph is going off of just the Abacus CDO at the heart of the SEC lawsuit. So, maybe you're reading about their overall derivatives losses vs. just this one?

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