It's the Policy Stupid

I have been watching the Democratic as well as the Republican primary and I must say at this point, the entire country seems to be stuck on stupid. From the media blackout on Clinton to the DNC rules and disproportionate distribution of pledged delegates, not counting two entire states, and then the superdelegates, well, I think it's fair to say the process is one rigged game where the actual voters don't seem to count for much.

To make matters worse, it appears policy has gone by the wayside. An intelligent, well researched and analyzed policy positions and debate on the effectiveness of those positions is long gone from the political blogs.

This site is about facts, analysis and policy on trade, economics, labor that is in the national interest, which means working America's interests.

During this campaign season, we could not even get accurate, fair, assessment of the candidates real trade positions, votes and plans. Immigration policy rhetoric seems to change depending upon the audience at hand.

While Hillary Clinton issued more and more Progressive and Populist policy positions, it is worthwhile to note, the political power structure started endorsing her opponent.

So, where does that leave the majority of Americans needing desperately a true shift in policy direction? With a Congress that introduces corporate lobbyists bills and play partisan games, politicians who seemingly vie for power over policy and agenda, the real change needed is drown out in noise and spin.

Obama in Oregon told economically displaced timber industry voters he will fund alternative biofuels from wood chips. Wood Chips. Now who in their right mind believes that has any basis in science or is strategically the right approach or even a net energy gain? What kind of pandering will that do to really research, deploy an effective biofuel industry? Yet it is Clinton who is accused of pandering in almost every corner one turns. So, where is accurate, well researched, based on statistics, on science, on theory policy change?

Drown like a dead cat thrown over the bridge, spinning in a whirlpool of pundit pontification...all in the quest for power.

I fear regardless of how this election turns out, once again the United States National Interest, the economic and trade policy that is so greatly needed will not occur and I blame the people actually, especially the bloggers. I must wonder what everyone is really working for when seemingly the cult of personality is the focus and not actual policy and legislative agendas.



Buck up pal....

....we were screwed from the beginning if we had to rely on the likes of Markos or 'BoneHead' Bowers. Neither of 'em to bright, and I've met and debated both of 'em, just as I said in my post: Left Blogistan's 'Big Man' problem....

The term 'Big Man' comes from sociologists and is a term of art. Very apt term for today. The 'Great Exodus' has begun with great new political blogs, many headed by women, thanks Barry, And we will I believe see and increase in an emphasis on policy once the Presidential Kabuki is over and gas hits $8.00/gal. Will we ever! Yeow, is the citizenry gonna be white hot mad. We fought a war, costing upwards of 4 Trillions, and gas is going thru the roof. Not the way previous imperialists worked things out. Of course they didn't have the likes of George and the ReThug party leading the way neither.

Peak Oil...consumption...The Oldavai Gorge...The Solar Grand Plan all the stuff's gonna suddenly become very, very important.

And here you will be standing by to help explain Complexity Economics, Military Keynesianism all that fun stuff. I'm reading and studying my ass off in the hopes I'll have something to say. 'Cause brother people are gong to be looking for answers and neither Barry not McSame have 'em.

Left Blogistan 2.0 will be a bigger, better, smarter place because to grow in it you are going to have to have talent. Not just be first with a new idea.

You are going to have to be able to demonstrate why your new idea is a good one. And never fear, there are millions of American who can do a better job at blogging, being President, running a political part and most important formulate policy.

And here they come.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

I don't really want to blast them

Or what they are up to frankly but if there are new blogs and other people who care about actual policy, we need to start joining forces. Fact based policy would be very nice indeed and I agree, this campaign especially threw facts out the window.

I mentioned wood chips as a pander thing but that's just one example. There is a lot of hype with alternative energies and if one recalls Bush talked up hydrogen when the realities of it, it's costs, the infrastructure and the violitity of it made it not so viable. All of these technologies need to be deeply analyzed. Else we get yet another initiative that is simply putting R&D gov. money in some private sector pockets with no results. So, here is a prime example of something that sounds nice of the surface and only by digging into does one find the trojan horse.