New Film - Battle in Seattle - 1999 WTO Protests

Look what's coming out, a star packed movie on the Seattle 1999 WTO protests...just in time for the 2008 election!

Here is the film, Battle in Seattle website which has timeline, interviews, history and request the film be shown in your area.

This is great!

I cannot think of any particular economic area more than trade, where pretty much the entire nation agrees. America and Americans are getting screwed. Blue, Read, Pink and Green, most people want major trade policy reforms. Trade policy has been orphaned by both campaigns (doing anything in workers interests or America's interests about trade that is) as if just describing how the middle class is disappearing and working America is in dire straights is actually enough to get them to vote for (flip a coin now) fill in the blank.

Here's the trailer:

Public Citizen has more on their blog.

Update: I also found another site Who Controls The World, seemingly associated with the film director. People really need to be aware of what the WTO really is. From anything I've read on the economic theory of free trade, this organization really doesn't have much to do with it.

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