New York Times on U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner

The New York Times has a lengthy article on the history of Geithner.

One year and two administrations into the bailout, Mr. Geithner is perhaps the single person most identified with the enormous checks the government has written.

The article lists as Geithner's associates and friends an insider who's who of culprits who made the financial sector mess in the first place:

Geithner's pals

Geithner even lobbied to reduce capital requirements of banks.

His new staff members?

Mr. Geithner has also recruited aides from Wall Street, some from firms that were at the heart of the crisis. For instance, his chief of staff, Mark A. Patterson, is a former lobbyist for Goldman Sachs, and one of his top counselors is Lewis S. Alexander, a former chief economist at Citigroup.

I suggest reading the entire article. The Times not only published Geithner's meeting schedule from his tenure at the New York Federal Reserve, but created a host of other multimedia presentations.

After reading it I decided Citigroup and Goldman Sachs are not only running the government, but are being given Carte blanche to rob the taxpayer blind. Say what you will but so far the policies bear this perception out.

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FRBNY is owned by financial conglomerates.

I wish the traditional media would examine Jamie Dimon's conflict of interest with Bear Stearns and his role on the board of directors of FRBNY.

Geithner's actions can be expected considering his past positions. What is extremely disappointing is that President Obama chose him? It tells a lot about who is protecting who.

you can continue to write about it

and we probably need to do some site promotion. Seems like suddenly in the last 7 days readers have dropped.

I tried to warn people during the primaries about Obama's policies and ties and at that time, you risked getting "troll rated" off of the boards (didn't happen to me but then I stayed out of the weeds).

But the fact the New York Times wrote up such an expose, with multimedia to boot, someone there is trying to do their job, I'd claim.

Looks like Geithner is the new Rumsfeld.