Obama Channels Clinton on Economic Plans

Obama is releasing new plans on the economy and one is to have a foreclosure freeze.

He also wants to give a $3000 dollar tax credit to every job created in the United States and of course that question begs to ask are those jobs required to go to US citizens and Green Card holders or can corporations import their foreign cheaper labor?

Democrat Barack Obama is proposing lifting penalties for withdrawals of up to $10,000 from retirement accounts and imposing a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures on some homeowners as part of a plan to boost the economy and aid middle-income taxpayers.

Obama also wants the Federal Reserve and Treasury to lend money to state and municipal governments that are have having trouble raising money and for federal lawmakers to ``keep all options open'' to help struggling automakers.

The Democratic presidential candidate's advisers say all of the measures, including a $3,000 tax credit to companies for each new job they create in the U.S, should be done immediately, either through existing authority or emergency legislation

Now both Obama and McCain have channeled Hillary Clinton, McCain with the HOLC proposal

Who finds watching Hillary Clinton's policy plans and proposals being pilfered by both candidates ironic?

At least she had them to be stolen, but one would think they would give her some credit when at the time she was getting slammed by all sides.

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