Obama won't be re-negotiating NAFTA after all

Left Labor gets sold out by the Clintonite Democrats again.

President-elect Barack Obama's pick for commerce secretary, Bill Richardson, got a warm welcome Thursday during a visit to Mexico, where government officials said they doubted Obama would follow through on a campaign pledge to re-negotiate NAFTA.

No interest in revising NAFTA. Little interest in saving the automakers. What exactly does the Democratic party stand for now?

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Oh yeah

Surprise, surprise. We traded corporations on who is running the country, but unfortunately Citigroup and Goldman Sachs own both parties, lock, stock and barrel.

Now we have Bill Gates instead of Halliburton.

I tried to point out all of those hedge fund managers swimming around Obama.

Yes, you have Robert....

....but did you really think the boneheads Bowers, Stoller and Kos would listen?

To a little guy like you?

Fuck no these arogant little pricks are still prancing around saying, 'We won! We won! Change is here!'


We need to keep talking about the economy in an intelligent way. Krugman and others are pointing the way and I do believe this is something Obama will decide himself.

Jes hope he sees the forest for the trees.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

No surprise. I never

No surprise. I never believed Obama was anything more than another bought politician. The only change coming in January is a change of faces.


did surprise me by picking Jared Bernstein as his chief economic adviser. You know Bernstein has given talks on H-1B and is on our side. I think he used Hira's research, but Hira also has worked for EPI, so to get someone who is really aware of what is going on with global labor arbitrage and how these guest worker Visas are a critical component of that, to have him even in the white house was a very pleasant surprise!

(he's great on a host of economic issues but it's so rare to have a major economist aware of our issue to that level!)

When it comes to

When it comes to international trade Obama, McCain, Hellary, Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Paul, Thompson, Guiliani (and not sure about Democratic Primaries except Hellary, but they're probably all the same too), they are all free traitors.

I voted for Duncan Hunter in the primaries, and "the radical" Chuck Baldwin in the general election.

Duncan Hunter has a great record on immigration too, and he was one of the few, the proud, the Congressmen who voted against the 700 Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Billion wasted bailout.

Yes Ron Paul is a free traitor too, he's a Libertarian and all Libertarians are free traitors.