Politically correct.

First is my questioning of things that don't make sense. Why is the term politically correct applied to almost everything under the sun except politics. Because people would find it to hard to say "etiquettely correct". That out of the way so why is Trump immune to negative fallings of popularity when he says apparently offensive remarks. Because he comes across as real and people think that is how real people talk. It doesn't mean he is a bad person he just says what is on his mind like he is talking to or about a real person of equal value. Look at the "F" bomb on TV. The reaction to the "F" bomb does not mean people don't use it, means they aren't allowed to use it on TV. People are getting tired of being held to a higher standard in conversation when nobody is considering their standard of living. Trump is talking with a realistic freshness not being concerned about correctness. Probably a bad idea to broadcast a disdain for personal feelings but he is talking to a country that has their personal feelings cast to he wind. I am still hung up about Obama's remark about alleviating the gas tax when gas was dancing around $5 a gallon in 2008. He said that would send the wrong message about concern for the environment. I had one guy working for me that drove a 4x4 pickup truck 140 miles a day round trip to work. He spent $245 a week on gasoline. Take home pay was $475. Over half his money went to gas and he was married with three kids. So what kind of a message did Obama send to him? The working people in this country have an unbelievable capacity to endure suffering. Unfortunately they don't complain. The politicians have taken this silence for consent. Putting this all together I think it means people are ready for real talk. They don't care about politically correct. They are not asking for anything but politically correct is down on their list. Trump is talking about how he will "be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” That buys a lot of credibility for families that can't afford to take the family to McDonalds and for everybody else that sees multiple family members having to work just to get by. He slips but appears to talk with a realism that makes people trust him.

BTW: Not a chance for his jobs boasting to bring living wages unless he goes after speculative trading and not overseas jobs. The jobs enemy lies within. How can he be for the working class if he is willing to take jobs away from another working class? The world needs everybody to have a good job.