Rethugs block auto rescue - now we descend to Hell's very gate

Incredible. Watching a nation commit suicide. My nation. Our nation.

It now looks like Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate have decided that a new great depression is a trifling price to pay to get rid of the "barnacles" of organized labor. I am referring, of course, to South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint's comment during his inetrview with NPR yesterday, in which he said the auto makers were in trouble because they have "the barnacles of unionism wrapped around their necks."

As a DailyKos frontpager wrote,

. . . we shouldn't dismiss the possibility that the ultras who've taken over the GOP, the people for whom ideology is more important than consequences and reality, would rather risk destroying one of our most important industries in an attempt to destroy a labor union.

Reid had better be in there squeezing balls til the blood spurts out.

The other option is if Bush reverse himself and agrees to use TARP to save the auto industry,

What are the chances?

Yeah, well . . .

Off the top of my head: The economic collapse goes into overdrive just about the time Obama is sworn in.  Then, soup lines and food riots by June or July. Autumn at the latest.

I hope that when the time comes, the people with the pitchforks and torches will remember Mitch McConnell, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation.

God have mercy on us.



Time for Obama to step to the plate....

....has he the stones for it?

This is if for him, right now. He needs to tell 'Mitch' that nothing from his side will get past OBama's veto pen for the next eight years.


'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

Just ass backwards

What's wrong with these people and yes I am well aware GM is outsourcing but so is Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and so on.

This is just one thing I don't want to say "see I told you so".

auto bailout

Look folks, the big 3 have been going downhill for 30 years because they produce an inferior product as well as having poor management.I myself am over 50 yet have never owned a US car (and I certainly wouldn't now). Let's not throw away money. The TARP was rammed down the public's throat by scare mongering. Not again!

you can't be serious

Well...I'm under 50, and have proudly owned a US car. I'm sorry, but TARP and this are different.

it's like some sort of insane backlash

Since they could not stop the financial bail out they are going after this.

I disagree

I have a Ford Escort that is a wonderful car- 50 MPG if I shift it right. My wife's Chevy Venture 2002 gets 30MPG in a VAN!

This smacks of hatred of the working class, the way it was done.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.


These people are idiots - industries decline and maybe the US car industry needs to be restructured. However, simply allowing an industry to collapse is criminal in terms of impact on people lives, whole towns, etc.

Rancid populism goes gotterdammerung

And so, the very same people who now refuse to help workers who are allegedly earning $73/hour, had no problem bailing out Wall Streeters who were earning $73/second! (and attaching no strings to executive compensation of course).

Since the temple walls of US-style capitalism are now virtually certain to rain down on us, wouldn't it have been nice if we hadn't blown $700 billion first?

Make a nice diary post

Why do they slam the industrial workers, not acknowledging the executives in Wall Street are making so much money.

It is that messaging machine which is truly some strange.

It never ceases to amaze me

How the some of the kool-aid drinkers have glammed onto the auto makers bailout as a bad thing but Wall Street had to be done.

The media has paraded these auto exec's in front of the public with their hand out and somehow that makes them repulsive. In my opinion they should be tossed out on their keesters. But the industry needs to be saved, too many jobs depend on it.
Next time somebody rants about the auto makers bailout ask them how many CEO's from Citi, AIG, Goldman, JP Morgan, BEAR ... had to show up in Washington with their hand out?

Citigroup doesn't have to show up with their hand out....

....they just call for a wire transfer.


If any American needed yet another lesson in what the Republican Party is about 'Fat' Mitch gave it to 'em yesterday. Politically this is the end of the ReThug Party they are now on life support as they will never win MI, IL, OH or IN again.

In fact this was so stupid and so vile an action that the news this am is that the WH will, in outstanding Bush style, take money from elsewhere to help the automakers. That's right the WH, George W. Bush realizes that we just can't let Detroit fail right now for chump change just so Southren White Senators can destroy the UAW.

Finally, imagine what's going thu the minds of every citizen of the states I listed above. Wheee, I don't think Republicanism and 'conservative' economics are real popular at the moment.

Change is on the way and as long as the Republicans keep diggin' that hole I am content.

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'