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You know, I am glad I'm on pain pills and other meds today, because frankly if I weren't I would need it as my heart would be even further break when I see things like this.  Frankly, if future generations cursed our names, surprise would be the least thing on my mind. Recently read a post from Seeking Alpha .  The article, or where you should go is from the blog mentioned in that blog, East Coast Economics. But before you go there, read the comments on Seeking Alpha, more folks like us than I figured.

Gang, perhaps Obama will turn out to be a good President.  But I'm a skeptic at heart, and know full well that he knows what's really happening he may not be able to fix entirely.  Hence why he warned us of pain.  Pragmatists/realists should accept that any specific promises made during the campaign probably died the day before yesterday.  When one readsin the Financial Times about how Iceland isn't worth anything (or even going into the negatives, but tell me how one can liquidate a negative?) and that the UK is headed taht way.  One cannot shake the feeling that America will be joining this sad club of hardship.

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deathly frightening

and I have been so surprised frankly that the possibility of default hasn't popped up.

I wish I was on drugs, oops, maybe not. I like my reality straight up.