Is the street smelling a fight ahead?

It's almost 3am here in Chicago, and the S&P futures are down 9 points, while the Dow is down almost 60, not to mention the NASDAQ 100 being down almost 10. Now perhaps this is simply profit-taking from those two monster rallies last week. But from what I'm hearing, this plan by Paulson isn't a sure fire pass. There seems to be some resistance forming, and I think The Street smells a fight coming.

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There is enormous blow back

From all sides out here in the real world, on that bill, so there appears to be, but the real issue is what should be there in it's place.

They should stop f**king around here, introduce a bill, say this is what you get and pass it.

I was just looking in the Congressional record but it appears to be power play on the hill and as we know, there are Democrats who are just as in bed with Citigroup/Goldman Sachs and so on as Republicans.