Sunday Morning Comics - Change Edition

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Cup O' Joe

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Obama's Economic Advisers - Toles


Obama Win Causes Post Tramatic Sicko Disorder in Obsessive Supporters


USDA Official Takes Courageous Stand on Interstate Countercyclical Potato


cagle Paulson rescuing Turkeys


2.5 million jobs for Clintonites" alt="turkey taxpayers" width="525"/>" alt="go shoppin'" width="525"/>


Below is the Saturday Night Live Skit on the Auto Bail out. I leave it last. Although EP readers should see it, the skit shows a real lack of awareness on the auto bailout and problems. It's like SNL thinks it's 1980. Since GM is selling Aeros for $1200 dollars in China, understanding how GM is losing $2500 per sale isn't rocket science.


Auto Bail Out Congressional Hearings