They Dare to Question Orthodoxy - We Need Corporations to Act in Our Best Interests

They dare to question orthodoxy in this day and age of multinational corporations dominating every single action that our government takes.




Three cheers!


In an exceptional article on the Huffington Post (links to article) by Margaret Blair and Ralph Gomory, they start with this declaration nailed to the Church door:

In the rush to globalization, the United States has tossed aside a crucial principle that guided the economic prosperity of the twentieth century: corporate leaders have a responsibility to their country, their community, and their employees that goes beyond maximizing share value

Gomory is one of the founders of a think tank with some very well reasoned policy change recommendations, Horizon Project.

One of the most popular blog pieces on The Economic Populist is Corporate Citizen - An Oxymoron detailing Blair's Congressional Testimony.

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