This is Unacceptable - Job Market not to "Recover" until 2014!

This is absolutely pathetic. According to Moody's Projections, the job market isn't supposed to recover, i.e. hit 5% official unemployment rate until 2014. That's 6+ years since the start of this recession of December 2007!

2014: The year Moody's predicts the unemployment rate will finally dip toward 5 percent, considered to be the "normal" level.

750,000 people have given up looking for work, a record since this data was tracked, 1994.

The average length of time looking for a job? 24.9 weeks, the longest since 1948.

Due to population growth (read immigration) the U.S. must create 125,000 jobs every single month just to keep up.


4.98 million: The number of people unemployed longer than 27 weeks, also the highest level since World War II, although the growth in the size of the labor market over time contributes to that.

9 million: The number of workers forced to take part-time jobs who would rather work more hours.

33.1: Average hours in the workweek, near this summer's record low of 33 hours.

Now, one thing that is pretty damn obvious, is to reduce significantly the amount of immigration into the U.S. It's pretty clear the job market cannot absorb that many people. We need jobs for the people already here.

But the other is, just the complete lack of policy for the U.S. middle class (now quickly becoming the poor).

I'm sorry but offshore outsourcing large government contracts, bringing in guest workers (1.5 million a year!) and all the other methods of global labor arbitrage should be stopped immediately and U.S. workers should be the top priority of this government.

On Stimulus funds we are hearing reports of waivers used to circumvent the meager Buy American clause, we are reading reports of the offshore outsourcing of jobs and the use of the Iraq war corrupt no bid contract system to award Stimulus contracts.

This is just beyond belief stuck on stupid.

This is just simply unacceptable!

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