Woman denied credit because reporting agency said she was dead

Some stories you just cannot let pass by.

A woman was denied a refinance on her home because Experian credit reporting agency decided she was dead.

"(They said) 'We don't care, we have to get a credit score and without that credit score, we can't make the loan and we can't get a credit score because you're deceased. Now we know you're not deceased, but they think you are. So we're not going to do this loan,'" Kerr said.

Tis a problem? Hey, we don't care that you're not dead and have a credit score of 800, Experian says you are dead so we're going to deny you a loan!

Think these credit scoring agencies have just a little too much power?

Howe's Experian credit report had her listed as deceased. One of her creditors had reported her as dead.

Correcting the mistake was an interstate nightmare that took the full-time attention of Howe's daughter in California. She sent letters, faxes, notarized explanations, long distance phone calls, but for months, she kept running into the same brick wall.

Unfortunately not everyone can call the local news to expose such absurdities and thus get their refinancing in time.

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