How the University HealthSystems Consortium uses Big Data and subtle blackmail to add a hidden, secretive layer of complexity to an already bloated industry

Consorting with the Consortium and its Big Data devilry

INTRO: The jargon used to sell the Consortium’s products sounds like a satire of “The Office,” which itself is a satire. The Consortium promises to provide “interoperable workflow solutions“ in its “robust array of resources and tools.” Everything, it seems, is part of a “suite” that is comprehensive, exclusive, benchmarked, trademarked, high-impact and integrated. It promises a sheen of order, ease and rationality to institutions that are “at the crest of the wave,” facing “The Threat of Incrementalism.”

HEARTLESS: medical device patients have no recourse

If your FDA-approved medical device injures, disables or kills you, that's too bad. The "doctrine of pre-emption" protects manufacturers from all liability. You're on your own. You have no recourse. The multibillion-dollar global conglomerates that design and produce these (often laughably flawed) devices, admit they assumed President Obama would revoke the handy pre-emption escape hatch, which is unfair and irrational -- not to mention cruel -- but it has remained intact. Well-funded lobbyists: priceless.

America is a failed democracy with a twisted, corrupt economy

America, we are constantly reminded, is the richest, most powerful, most industrious and inventive nation on Earth, a beacon of democracy, a model for those who aspire to lives of liberty, equal opportunity and material comfort.

To quote the tell-it-like-it-is singer, Cee Lo Green, "Ain't that some shit?"