Saturday Reads Around The Internets - Just Another $8.5 Billion Please

Welcome to the weekly roundup of great articles, facts and figures. These are the weekly finds that made our eyes pop.


China iPhone Manufacturer Foxconn's Horrific Working Conditions

Think the iPhone is made in America? Like most things these days, manufacturing is offshore outsourced to China. Out comes another report on the terrible working conditions at the iPhone/iPad factory.

The biggest fraud that you haven't heard of

Fraud traditionally occurs behind closed doors. The larger the fraud, the more chances of its existence leaking out to the public. Only after the scheme has blown up does the news media report it.
Fraud has a short lifespan once it is subject to the harsh rays of sunlight. It is only a matter of time before the lies on which it is built come crumbling down.

Last week a massive case of fraud was exposed to the light, but because it hasn't imploded yet the mainstream news media isn't reporting it. In fact, the media seems to want to ignore the facts.
Why? Not because they question the facts, but simply because of the subject of the fraud - precious metals.

Where's the Gold?

JB Slear, a gold and silver broker based in Arizona specialises in helping high net worth clients take physical delivery of gold and silver futures contracts. He said "we're finding more restrictions being applied to overseas buyers, one Comex warehouse will not allow overseas deliveries."

Slear tells his clients that they may have to wait more than two weeks to take delivery as delays and complications in the process have become increasingly commonplace. In some cases this has fueled concern that stockpiles are running out.