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SCOTUS Rules Arizona Can Punish Businesses Who Hire Illegal Workers

Score one for Arizona. The Supreme Court gives States the right to close businesses who knowingly hire illegal workers.

Now in spite of the rhetoric one will hear from special interest groups, this is actually a huge win for U.S. labor and workers.

The US Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a state has the right to revoke the license of a business that knowingly employs illegal immigrants, in a case watched for implications on related judicial battles.

The top US court in a 5-3 decision upheld Arizona's 2007 law, saying the state was within its rights under a 1986 federal immigration reform measure.

Like it or not, flooding the U.S. labor market with illegal workers does undermine wages, and in this economy, does cause U.S. worker displacement.

The law "expressly reserves to the states the authority to impose sanctions on employers hiring unauthorized workers, through licensing and similar laws," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote.

"It uses the federal government's own definition of 'unauthorized alien,' it relies solely on the federal government's own determination of who is an unauthorized alien, and it requires Arizona employers to use the federal government's own system for checking employee status."

It was a 5-3 decision, with the left of the court dissenting. Business licenses can be revoked and at last, the Supreme court upheld the use of E-verify, an electronic database to verify social security numbers used by workers are valid and their own.

Greenspan Says Flooding the US labor market with Foreign Labor will Solve the Housing Crisis


The number of new households in the U.S. is increasing at a rate of about 800,000 a year, of which about a third are immigrants. Perhaps 150,000 of those are loosely classified as skilled. A double or tripling of this number would markedly accelerate the absorption of unsold housing inventory for sale — and hence help stabilize prices


Lovely how it never seems to pass Greenspan's mind of the millions of US citizens being foreclosed on, declaring bankruptcy and maybe if they had stable jobs
and pay increases, that could solve the housing crisis!

Greenspan has long had the agenda to lower US workers, target the best paying jobs in the America, their wages.