Education is a Business After All

A most enlightening article on higher education shows they are plain going out of business (Bloomberg).

Simmons, home to 4,700 students, opened the 66,500-square- foot (6,200-square-meter) center in January, two months before the U.S. stock market hit its lowest point in 12 years. Even before the ribbon cutting, enrollment in the management school had been dropping.

Majority of Goverment Officials Fail Basic Civics, Economics Quiz

Aren't you glad you are in representative Government where the people only get minor choice every couple of years or more?

The American Civic Literacy Program has been quizzing America on basic Eivics, Economics and History. From their press release a shocking 56% of all Government Officials fail this basic quiz.

Most New Jobs at Poverty Level, Do not Require a Degree

How many times have you heard the reason Americans are having their jobs offshore outsourced or displaced through insourcing is because....Americans need more Training and Education

Tell that to any PhD from one of the best schools in the United States (which means in the world), who just had their research position offshore outsourced and can't find a job. Right now you can probably dig up any Scientist in Pharmaceutical research and hear this story.

So, of all news organizations, Fox is pointing out this great lie. Please note both Obama and McCain claim the answer to our jobs being offshore outsourced is more training and education, McCain being the most oblivious to reality.

From Jobs Without a Degree Growing Fast: But Built to Last?

Universities moving overseas

US Universities open campuses overseas

In a kind of educational gold rush, American universities are competing to set up outposts in countries with limited higher education opportunities. American universities — not to mention Australian and British ones, which also offer instruction in English, the lingua franca of academia — are starting, or expanding, hundreds of programs and partnerships in booming markets like China, India and Singapore

Will the programs reflect American values and culture, or the host country’s? Will American taxpayers end up footing part of the bill for overseas students? What happens if relations between the United States and the host country deteriorate? And will foreign branches that spread American know-how hurt American competitiveness?