Ron Kirk

Public Citizen Live Blogged USTR Confirmation Hearing

Public citizen live blogged the USTR (United States Trade Representative) confirmation hearing of Ron Kirk.

Here's a classic quote:

Senator Ron Wyden: the middle class does not like these trade agreements. What do you plan to increase support of middle class?
Ron Kirk's Reply: We're going to utilize technology to tell the real story. Our website is "so" 1987.

America knows these trade agreements are glorified offshore outsourcing contracts and the response is to do better Internet PR?

Another Quote from Mr. Kirk:

Cheaper foreign products help hard pressed American families, and exports help create jobs. The overarching benefits of trade are diffuse, and the pain is concentrated.

Obama Chooses Free Traitor Ron Kirk For U.S. Trade Representative

Boy, I'm not impressed. Obama has chosen Ron Kirk as the U.S. trade representative.

As a past supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and China Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR), Kirk will face close scrutiny as he assumes the responsibility for delivering on Obama’s pledges to fix existing trade agreements and create a new trade policy that benefits more people