Obama Chooses Free Traitor Ron Kirk For U.S. Trade Representative

Boy, I'm not impressed. Obama has chosen Ron Kirk as the U.S. trade representative.

As a past supporter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and China Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR), Kirk will face close scrutiny as he assumes the responsibility for delivering on Obama’s pledges to fix existing trade agreements and create a new trade policy that benefits more people

A lot of trade groups are exercising restraint in their press releases regarding this choice. Public Citizen:

Whatever Kirk’s past views on various trade policies, his future course of action must reflect the powerful expectations for change created by Obama’s trade reform pledges. His actions must also reflect the new political realities created by congressional elections that resulted in 71 House and Senate supporters of the trade status quo being replaced by those who were elected campaigning for a new approach. Scores of Democrats and Republicans used attacks on NAFTA and China PNTR to win elections nationwide this year and these candidates and the Democratic House and Senate campaign committees featured more than 140 television ads criticizing the trade status quo.

Myself, I'm not so restrained. If Obama truly wanted to reform trade agreements, he would have chooen someone who could reform trade agreements.

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Free Traitors

There was never much doubt that Obama was a free traitor himself. His comments in favor of more globalization during his campaign were ignored by his cult and the media.

Obama belittled the people in western Pennsylvania about their dislike of globalization and fear of job losses to illegal immigrants. And then Obama's staff told Canadian officials not to worry about Obama doing anything about NAFTA. He's also stated that he'd restart the Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union) talks.

These were all well-known actions and statements by Obama during the campaign, yet were completely dismissed by his starry-eyed supporters.

With the exception of Hilda Solis, every last one of Obama's cabinet appointees has been a traitorous, pro-Globalist free trader. What a surprise!

What were all of you Obama supporters thinking? Or were you thinking at all?

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I voted for Nader....

....but then your comment is bs so who really cares. Of course Obama said what he needed to say to get elected.

That's what politicians do.

We just need to follow FDR's advice and comments such as yours are not really helpful in doing that sir.

You are playing a Rovian game in asserting that 'we' are wrong and you were, according to you, right. This reduces the quality of the dialogue here and you really ought to consider that before you start telling folks what's wrong with 'em.

Can you grasp that concept?

'When you see a rattlesnake poised to strike, you do not wait until he has struck to crush him.'

A. Citizen

Unlawful is not a Republican. I've known unlawful for a long time. He isn't one of those corporate Rovian whatevers and blasted the Bush administration policies with the best of them. What he is talking about, which know the entire blogosphere is talking about....how we need trade reform and fast, etc.

He is a Populist Democrat if I had to officially pigeon hole him in policy positions.

There is strong overlap between conservatives and Progressives on a host of economic issues and no, Ron Paul doesn't really fit into that camp.

EP is non-partisan. We are a strictly economics and of course politics around economics site.

Of course anyone who tries to rewrite history and claim FDR screwed up the nation is a troll. ;)

I voted for Duncan Hunter

I voted for Duncan Hunter (primaries) and Chuck Baldwin (general election). I sleep fine at night.

Down with the Free-Traitors.

Down with the Free-Traitors.