Do You Believe the Presidential Election Will Dramatically Change Economic Policy in Favor of Working America?


Demoblicans and other evils

It is my opinion that there is near zero difference between the Republicans and Democrats on on, really the only, meaningful economic issue. That is that both parties fully support business interests above populist interests. In effect what we have, given that the two parties swap who is in powere every few election cycles, is a Fascist Oligarchy, not the Democracy (pedantic: Republic) that is touted.

Where the Republicans and Democrats differ is on emotional issues like abortion, religion, gun control. None of these issues effects in any way the true business of government, and that is a framework that supports the interests of BIG business.

No, the outcome of the 2008 elections will not effect the core economic direction of the USA one whit. Democrats may fiddle with the minimum wage; the Republicans will make a big stink about it and do a lot of hand wringing. But, nothing will be done in any meaningful way that will affect government support for Big Business.

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Conventional Wisdom

Neither candidate is thinking out of the box. J. K. Gailbraith called this conventional wisdom.

Our fiscal polices were initiated nearly a 100 years ago and are woefully out of date in our highly automated global economy. Our woefull situation, debt balance of payments, deficits etc should initiate change, but both parties seem indifferent to the situation.

We need to tax imports, outsourced labor and items made by machines instead of our own labor and investment.

A progressive form of a sales tax might be one answer.

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